The Second Row Music Page

    I’ve been recording music most of my life, I started out on the drums when I was about 5 years old. Playing on boxes, the couch, my knees, you drummers what I’m talking about. A few years later my parents bought me a ukulele. I remember it well, plastic with red strings. In my teens me and my friends wanted to start a band and my buddies had the drum set so I had to learn the guitar. About the same time my brother came home on leave from the Navy and brought home a guitar and told me to take care of. I’ve been playing guitar ever since among other instruments.

  This page is to post a few of my songs hoping I can help other artists record there songs for posting here as well. I’m grateful for all the artists that have shared there talent with us and I hope you enjoy the music.          Bernie Ogrodnik 

Bernie Ogrodnik – All Instruments

I wrote Chicken Run when I was working at Falcon Jet Little Rock Arkansas, Don’t ask me where the title came from 🙂


This is Brand New, It was recorded completely using Garageband. It is so awesome the things you can do on your phone and Ipad.

Bernie Ogrodnik – All Instruments and Vocals